Monday, March 30, 2009

Will Hoffman's Design Workbook

Design Workbook: Elements
1. Space-This picture represents space because there is nothing but an empty box which is just a space.

2. Value- This picture shows value because it is not just black and white, it uses every shade of gray in between.

3. Shape- this picture represents shape because it uses lines to make a flat image appear 3d.
4. Line- this image represents line because it uses contour lines to form a shape.

5. Form- this image represents form because it uses 2d shapes to create a 3d illusion that appears to move.

6. Texture- this image represents texture because it uses variations in color and lines to appear worn.

7. Color- this image represents color because it uses complementary colors blue and orange to catch the eye.

1. Movement- This image represents movement because it makes your eyes focus on a specific point.

2. Unity-This picture shows unity because everything goes together and it appears "complete."

3. Variety- This image shows variety because the yellow flower contrasts to the dark background.

4. Balance- This picture represents balance because it is symmetrical and there is no overpowering part.

5. Emphasis- This image shows emphasis because the red contrasts to the background to make Spiderman stand out.

6. Contrast- This picture uses black and white contrast to catch the eye.

7. Pattern/Rhythm- This shows pattern because the same element is repeated.

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